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Game name Tickets Jackpot
Mega Millions Buy $1,600,000,000
Powerball Buy $620,000,000
Eurojackpot Buy €90,000,000
Euro Millions Buy €58,000,000
SuperEnalotto Buy €54,300,000
La Primitiva Buy €48,000,000
Powerball Buy AU$30,000,000
Hoosier Lotto Buy $18,800,000
UK - Lotto Buy £14,000,000
SuperLotto Plus Buy $16,000,000

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Game Next Draw Jackpot Tickets
Powerball Oct 24 $ 620,000,000
(Oct 24 draw)
Mega Millions Oct 23 $ 1,600,000,000
(Oct 23 draw)
Lucky for Life Oct 25 $ 1,000/Day For Life!
(Oct 25 draw)
Wild Money Oct 23 $ 196,000
(Oct 23 draw)